Monday, May 24, 2010

Big strides lately

So much to talk about lately... 1DS has done so many things. He put his own shirt on by himself, no help. He said "I love you mama," which was the only thing I ever really wanted to hear him say. He says thank you every time I give him what he asks for. He shares toys very nicely with everyone who is NOT his own brother LOL. He's done surprisingly well with the transition from preschool to no preschool for the summer. He asks to go to preschool every day, and I tell him preschool is all done until fall. The other day I heard him talking to himself "Go preschool, no, preschool all done." He asks for his friends from therapy in the afternoons, after therapy is over for the day. He answers questions more than yes and no. I can ask him what he wants to eat without giving him any choice and he will tell me. The other day I finally got him to acknowledge and use his thumbs. The sign for mama is to put your thumb to your chin, and for daddy is to put your thumb to your forehead. He has ALWAYS used his index finger to sign mama and daddy. So the other day he finally used his thumb, and then once he had it down, he asked me how to sign grammy and grandpa. Aside from only ever wanting the toys that his brother has, he's been doing just amazing.