Thursday, April 15, 2010

After almost two weeks of spring break for 1DS, preschool is back in session this week. It's nice to be getting back in to the swing of things. He likes preschool, and he's usually excited to go. But he melts down every single day when I pick him up. He never says he doesn't want to go, and the teachers aides always tell me he's fine until he sees me. I don't know why he gets so upset, other than it's a transition, but he doesn't take any other transitions so badly. He doesn't cry at all when I drop him off.

I made pancakes and sausages for the boys for dinner tonight. 1DS wouldn't try his food, so I pried his mouth open and put a piece of pancake in. Lo and behold, he loved it! He ate all three of his (small) pancakes. He didn't want to try the sausage, and since he was eating the pancakes at least, I didn't force the issue. I knew he wouldn't like the sausage but I wanted him to try it anyway.... but if I had forced him to taste it, as odd as this sounds, he would have held it against the pancakes and stopped eating them. This is another one of those things that I do not understand, but I figured it out and we work with it.

He has started to sing lately. That's fun. Every time he does something for the first time that normal kids pick up on their own, I want to jump up and down for joy. Having had one c-section and one VBAC however, I don't do a whole lot of jumping. ;-) Anyway. It is absolutely amazing to watch him sing along. It's something I really didn't think I would ever see. As miserable as autism is, it definitely gives a parent the opportunity to savor every little accomplishment. Things that are taken as a given in neurotypical kids make our hearts dance for joy. I wouldn't with autism on anyone, but it isn't all doom and gloom. The bad makes the good seem just that much better I guess is what I am trying to say.

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